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Meet the world’s only 5-time National 
Banjo Champion

Gary “Biscuit” Davis is unquestionably a world-class musician and banjo expert. Gary Davis’ accomplishments are impressive. Altogether, he holds a total of five National Banjo titles and is particularly known throughout the world for his accomplishments. 

In any event, Gary Davis’ accomplishments speak for themselves. As a matter of fact, he played for Dolly Parton for more than 20 years and subsequently spent much of that time as her band leader and producer.

A phenomenal and sought-after instructor, Gary’s students have often also become masters of their musical crafts; above all, they learn quickly in an environment that caters to both their musical tastes and their learning styles. Moreover, specialties are three-finger-style banjo, Scruggs, and acoustic methods.

5-TIME National Banjo Champion

Gary first won at age 16 and is also one of only three people who have won the award at least twice.


Gary was officially inducted into the National Banjo Hall of Fame in 2020.


Gary won the Banjo State Championship in Kentucky twice.


Gary first won the Banjo State Championship Award at the age of 16.


Gary has taken the Banjo State Championship in Alabama four times.

Gary Davis' accomplishments

Gary Davis is known the world over for his banjo playing. Precision, technique, improvisation and pure power in that “Beowulf” right hand sets him in a level all his own. While his playing is unmatched, his real strength is being able to connect with his audience. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and he is playing just for you.

Jimbo Whaley

I have tried several self learning banjo books and DVD’s and multiple teachers over the years to find one that worked for me.

I was just about to give up on the banjo when I decided that I heard about a fantastic teacher and I started a thread “Looking for a teacher.”  Gary Davis-BISCUIT, came to my rescue.

In the first 20 minutes of our first lesson I realized he understands how to teach banjo. His style and demeanor and teaching methods are one of the best.

Jim Bertrand

Not only is Gary Davis a phenomenal music teacher, he’s the sort of person that you want your children to know. He’s an excellent example of someone who works hard at his craft, is delighted to pass on that knowledge to those who want to learn, and contributes whole-heartedly to whatever he puts his mind to. 

Gary a great teacher and world-class musician, but he’s also a good role model, a good friend, and a good person.

It’s my sincere belief that one of the best things I’ve ever given my kids is music lessons with Biscuit.

Ashley Burnette-Davis

I first met Gary “Biscuit” Davis at one of his many performances. As a novice banjo player, I was in awe of this polished entertainer.

I approached Gary and asked for advice, little did I know it would lead to a lasting friendship. Not only is Gary a performer, entertainer, instructor, mentor, and teacher, he is such a special person in my life. A Christian who seeks to serve, I cannot stress how he has blessed my life through music and friendship.

If you are desiring to learn banjo, currently play, or want to improved your skills, Gary “Biscuit” Davis; the only 5-time National Banjo Champion, will make you a more skilled, polished and adaptive bluegrass banjo player.

Doug Berry

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